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Ticketing Consulting for the

Live Entertainment Industry

Our Services
Customer First Ticketing Operations 
We are here to help you create a true "customer first" ticketing operation that will engender long-term customer loyalty. 
Ticketing Consortiums
Creation, management and governance of in-house, multi-venue and multi-organization ticketing operations.
Ticketing for Profit
We can help you create a ticketing operation that is more than a cost center
CRM System Selection
RFP preperation, evaluations, proposal review and guidance
Collective Bargaining
Assistance in creating win-win labor agreements with unionized box office teams.


Principal Gary Lustig is a 33 year veteran of the ticketing business. 


Gary is the 2014 International Ticketing Association (INTIX) Patricia G. Spira Lifetime Achievement Award winner. 


In Philadelphia, he helped build and manage one of the largest non-profit ticketing consortiums in the world, with over $50 million in revenue. 


Gary has created innovative, customer service programs designed to instill patron loyalty with a view towards long-term success.


Naomi Grabel, Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Carnegie Hall

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