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TIcketing Consortiums

TIcketing consortiums are a great way to combine resources, reduce expenses and gain access to technology as a group you might not afford as individual organizations.  We have helped create several of the largest ticketing consortiums in the non-profit world.  There are a number of great in-house CRM systems that you can use to create a consortium without major capital investments.

Quality Assurance Programs

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - Management consultant Peter Drucker.   Any great customer service program includes tools to measure your success or failure.  You must establish a baseline and measure ongoing progress.  We can help you establish Quality assurance programs that will have data driven metrics.  Programs can include Secret Shopper, data derived from your CRM system, in-house Quality Assurance programs and stakeholder and patron surveys. 


CRM System Selection

There are so many choices itoday in crm systems.  "In-house" doesn't mean you have to purchase servers and maintain an infrastructure. We can help you identify the best choice for your organization with RFPs, demonstration scripts, proposal evaluations and contract negotiations. 

Customer Service Assessment Programs

Your ticketing team is your organizations primary point of contact for your customers.  A single, bad interaction can ruin a potentially lifelong customer relationship.  These interactions can be by phone, email, on-line and at the box office.  Creating a "customer first" service program requires creating a culture of service among top management as well as front line staff.  We have perform a customer service assessment and help you address the barriers to great service at your organization.

TIcketing for Profit

A ticketing operation is generally seen as a cost center.  Sometimes fees are set to help defer these costs.  If you are running or considering an in-house ticketin system, should you consider "ticketing for profit."  It is possible to provide very great customer experiences AND generate surpluses or profits on these service operations.  This may not be possible or right for every organization.  We can help you analyze your situation and lead you to informed decisions.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Do you have a unionized customer service work force?  It's likely  that you negotiate a new contract every 2 to 3 years.  Your union counterparts do this with multiple organizations annually.  Let us help you negotiate win-win agreements in a respectful way with your union team.  We have helped negotiate several ground-breaking contracts that advance service goals and reduce expenses.

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